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Our country is a land of great entrepreneurship and our region has contributed in expressing its capacity in offering the territories unique products.

We seek beauty, and beauty represents who we are…



Italy has many stories to tell about great entrepreneurship.

Our picturesque town, Sassuolo, in the province of Modena, has been capable in creating opportunities and putting them into practise, becoming the soul of one of the main industrial centers of our beautiful country.



In many decades of passionate work, Sassuolo district would grow to become the leading international pole in the creation of quality ceramic floor and wall coverings.

Our brand, Savoia Italia, founded in 1976, has contributed in expressing our territories culture and traditions, proudly becoming part of this history.



Our 43 year-long activity in the tile sector, made up by skilled workers, professionals and technological development, continues today to be an incredible experience. 

Our stylish collections communicate our desire for beauty and have left an indelible mark in the hearts of our clients. 



Our constant research, experimentation and devotion to modern ceramics and art, will continue the storytelling.


Storie Italiane

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