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Linea Legni

Legno, materia naturale per eccellenza che nel corso degli anni ha rivestito il ruolo principale nelle abitazioni, nelle vite delle persone, proprio per queste caratteristiche, il legno è diventato per Savoia elemento di ispirazione e di proposta, combinando tecnologia, conoscenza e maestria professionale.


Concrete Line

Concrete is a design element, with many meanings including the so-called technical “Compound” definition, meaning, a component of union between different elements. Savoia interprets ceramic concrete, not only in response to trends but in virtue of generational change, satisfying the most demanding interlocutors from an international perspective.Technology and innovation create timelessness products of rare beauty.

Linea Pietre

Stone Line 

An absolute protagonist in centuries of long history. An expression of strength, durability, and uniqueness. Starting from these attributes, Savoia reinterprets stone by blending the characteristics of natural elements in nature, with raw materials and meticulous and complex technological processes, in complete respect of the environment. The result is a product of enchanting beauty and excellent quality, a product for life-sharing stories. Italian excellence.


Antichi Decori

Antichi Decori di Savoia is an assemblage of projects inspired by the history of traditional italian majolica. A mix of glossy and matt glazes, bright colors and more or less classic designs are made in porcelain stoneware for coovering indoor and outdoor surfaces. The tradition of majolica enters our contemporary environments adding freshness, color and the beauty of the art of the past. Characteristic decorations of the sicilian and neapolitan lands express our environments with personality and originality. Passion for tradition that transforms and renews itself.



WALL TILE COLLECTION The products presented in this section contain a large portfolio of solutions to furnish both bathroom and living rooms with style and elegance. The traditional double firing and the fine white paste are the main protagonists of this portfolio that highlight all the power and technology of the production plant located in Finale Emilia (MO), which boasts the distinction of being the most impressive in terms of production in Italy and among the first in Europe.

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