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Antiche Riggiole


Linea Pattern


34x34  |  22x22


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The art of the "Majolica Riggiola" has origins around the fifth century BC on the Amalfi Coast.

At that time "O’ Riggiularo" was the master who had the task to decorate the rooms of the first Catalan King in history, Alfonso the Magnanimous.

The "O’ Riggiularo" master was the only one who had the skills and competences needed to compose and install such decorative floors in these splendid castles and palaces.

With our collection ANTICHE RIGGIOLE NAPOLETANE, and its typical fresh colors and sublime decorations, Savoia has brought royalty and art of our history into our everyday life.

Uniqueness, Royalty and Art

Savoia Italia spa

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