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Linea Pattern


21,6x21,6  |  15x60  |  34x34


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A journey through the experiences and traditions of our land result in our eclectic and superb collection COLORS. Aesthetic grandness with a contemporary Mediterranean flair! 

The concept of the project takes shape, expressing all its value through a palette of eleven colors, from muted earthy to lively bold warm tones.

The textured glossy surface captures and reflects the light, adding depth to the brilliant colors and final visual effect.  The glossy versions come in three different sizes, and four of the earthy colors are available in a matt finish. 

The collection is accompanied by various decorative elements of majestic beauty.

The endless combination possibilities with color, size and ornamentation render this highly technical porcelain material adaptable for any surface of any trend or style.

Colori, terra e bellezza.

Savoia Italia spa

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