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Cotto Mediterraneo


Linea Pattern


22x22  |  30x60  |  34x34


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Cotto, meaning fired, tells about natural earthy elements, skilled artisans, ancient traditions, passion and commitment, vital essence. 

Mediterranean, tells about vivid colors, reflecting crystalline seas in the sunlight, wind caressing and soothing suntanned skin, scents of fruits in boundless colored fields of trees. 

The embracement of these two elements, conceive a portfolio of products, taking the user in another dimension. The joy of simple moments in life, such as reading a book or tasting the aroma of a Mediterranean cuisine dish, are enhanced.

Countless of many of the most iconic villas of the Neapolitan panorama, and not only, have been renovated over the years with our COTTO MEDITERRANEO, in combination to the endless decorative proposals.

Sun, Perfume, Land and Sea

Savoia Italia spa

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