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Linea Pattern


21,6x21,6 | 15x60 | 34x34

30x60 | Hexagonal (40x35)


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The portfolio of Vietri narrates about cheerfulness, vivacity and liveliness of the districts, villages and people of these areas. Suggestive places with unique and inimitable characteristics.

The VIETRI collection pays homage to the typical majolica ceramics of the Neapolitan region. 

The beauty of Mediterranean colors inspired by nature, combined to an authentic time-worn effect in the soft structured and glossy surface and the great choice of charming decorative solutions, induce the most positive emotions and warm sensations while contemplating such magnificence. 

Tradition and culture passed down through generations, has stood the test of time. Modern technology has done the rest.

Create your personal sublime urban oasis for interiors and exteriors of comfort, character and style with creations of the Savoia Italia portfolio.  

Mastery, life and tradition.

Savoia Italia spa

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