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Pasta Bianca_Deco_Grey_matt.jpg

I Bianchi

30x60 - 25x60 - 25x40 - 20x40 - 20x20

The Bianchi portfolio collects all the production proposals made in multiple formats. White is the basis of everything, the "mother" of the chromatic scale is the only Pantone that can be used alone and can be combined with anything.


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Bianco Matt_25x40.jpg

White Matt

Pasta Bianca_Grey_matt.jpg

Grey Matt

Pasta Bianca_Beige_matt.jpg

Beige matt

Pasta Bianca_Bump_White_matt.jpg

Bump White Matt

Pasta Bianca_White_lux.jpg

White Lux

Pasta Bianca_Grey_lux.jpg

Grey Lux

Pasta Bianca_Beige_lux.jpg

Beige Lux

Pasta Bianca_Bump_White_lux.jpg

Bump White Lux


Pasta Bianca_Deco_Beige_matt.jpg

Deco Beige Matt

Pasta Bianca_Deco_Grey_matt.jpg

Deco Grey Matt

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