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Since 1976

Savoia Italia has been creating outstanding and unique ceramic coverings for over 43 years. An Italian story, inspired by our traditions and our artistic history.
The brand is synonymous of high quality, creativeness and innovation, and has in time become worldwide acknowledgedand appreciated.

Savoia Italia

Linea Gres

TIMBER: Natural material par excellence which, over the years has played the main role in homes.

CONCREATE: Savoia interprets ceramic cement as a response not only to trends but also by virtue of the elements of generational change.

STONE: Expression of strength, durability and uniqueness; starting from these attributes, Savoia reinterprets stone by mixing the characteristic elements of nature

Linea Rivestimenti

The products presented in this section contain a large portfolio of solutions for furnishing both bathrooms and living rooms with style and elegance.
The traditional double-fired and the precious white body are the main protagonists of this portfolio that highlight all the power and technology of the production plant located in Finale Emilia (MO), which boasts the distinction of being the most impressive in terms of production in Italy and among the first in Europe.


Linea Pattern

This portfolio presents the flagship of Savoia Italia.
The maximum expressiveness of art and craftsmanship, collected in six collections of superb splendor, which are an identifying testimony of the brand, but at the same time also testify to the essence and expressiveness of the Italian tradition.

Linea 20

La forza del Gres Porcellanato, nello spessore maggiorato, che offre nelle tre varianti di effetto, l'opportunità di vestire gli spazi esterni in molteplici soluzioni e formati


Our country is a land of great entrepreneurship and our region has contributed in expressing its capacity in offering the territories unique products.

We seek beauty, and beauty represents who we are…


bathroom-interior-with-decorative-plaster-wall-wo-2022-02-12-01-47-17-utc copia.jpg



The Botanical collection draws the shapes of nature by mixing modernity and elegance.
The glossy surface in the 25x75 format offers three different concepts, three Jungle versions, with the intense and overbearing green of the "Green Savage", a cooler version "Blue Forest" and the abstract of the "Essential" decoration; two modern themes “Nordic” and “Garden” and two floral proposals revisited in a modern key, “Romantic” and “Water Color.

The collection is completed with five colored backgrounds that embrace the different graphic variants, ready to dress the walls of any room in the house.

Discover ours SHOWROOM


Cersaie 2023


Savoia Treedom

The Savoy forest was born with the intention of helping the planet and people. Sensitivity guides creating and not destroying, a small gift to the earth, the same one that has given us so much, a gesture that we want to share with all our collaborators, friends, relatives and kind customers. A tree speaks: in me there is a grain, a spark, a thought, I am the life of eternal life
- Hermann Hesse -

For every 1000 square meters of “WOOD EFFECT” that will be sold, a Cameroon cocoa tree can be planted in its land and cared for over time. Naturally, the fruits that the Savoy tree will give as it grows will be used both as a food resource and as a support for the income of local communities.
Over the years, in the meantime, the Savoy tree will absorb thousands and thousands of kg of CO₂, and thus contribute to the environmental protection of our ecosystem.

In collaboration with:

Costiera amalfitana


At a time when traveling seems impossible or, at best, dangerous, we thought of starting a project that could take us far away, even if only with the imagination, using social media as if they were a window to distant places.

While we were choosing the cities we would like to visit, we searched among our products, the ones that had more to do with these cities. As a kind of resonance between places and essence that each collection contains.

The project, as you can see, is called Travel. But our journey does not want to be only through our splendid peninsula, but also inside the collection that has been combined with the city.


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