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WOOD: Natural material par excellence which over the years has played the main role in homes.

CEMENT: Savoia interprets ceramic cement as a response not only to trends, but also by virtue of the elements of generational change.

STONE: An expression of strength, durability and uniqueness, starting from these attributes Savoia reinterprets stone by mixing the characteristic elements of nature.

ANTICHI DECORI: Antichi Decori di Savoia is an assemblage of projects inspired by the history of traditional italian majolica. A mix of glossy and matt glazes, bright colors and more or less classic designs are made in porcelain stoneware for indoor and outdoor surfaces. 

WALL: The products presented in this section contain a large portfolio of solutions to furnish both bathroom and living rooms with style and elegance.



Our country is a land of great companies that over time have contributed to infuse with their products all the elements of the unique expressiveness that characterizes and distinguishes the territory. 

We seek beauty, and beauty represents who we are…





We are always available to help our customers choose the right products for their space, to create a comfortable and welcoming environment that reflects their personal style. Come visit our showroom and be inspired by the beauty and quality of our Savoia Italia products.



In this rapidly expanding industry, keeping up with the times is foundamental  to maintaining your leading position. Take a look at our dedicated inspirations and contact us with any questions.

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